Yanhua ACDP New Reeased Benz Gearbox Clone/Refresh Module

Yanhuaacdp.com has released Mini ACDP Module 16 to replace the traditional plugging wire method to do Mercedes-Benz Gearbox clone/refresh without soldering.

mini acdp module 16 user manual 1


-Prevent you plugging wire to opposite direction and wrong place

-Simple and efficient

-Plug and play

-Safe and reliable

What Mercedes-benz car models does Yanhua ACDP module 16 support?

  • Mercedes-Benz (VGS-FDCT/VGS2-FDCT) dual-clutch gearbox cloning
  • Mercedes-Benz 722.8 (VGS2-FCVT) gearbox cloning
  • Mercedes-Benz 722.9 the second generation (VGS2-NAG2) gearbox refresh
  • Mercedes-Benz 722.9 the third generation (VGS3-NAG2) gearbox refresh

How to use Yanhua ACDP module 16?



mini acdp module 16 user manual 2

Mercedes-Benz722.8 (VGS2-FCVT)

mini acdp module 16 user manual 3

Mercedes-Benz 722.9 (VGS2-NAG2/VGS3-NAG2)

mini acdp module 16 user manual 4


e.g Refresh Mercedes-Benz 722.9 (VGS2-NAG2/VGS3-NAG2) gearbox


Select “Benz”->“Gearbox clone/refresh”-> Select the corresponding car model like “C Class”-> “VGS2-NAG2” or “VGS3-NAG”-> “Refresh”

mini acdp module 16 user manual 5

Test the network and device connection

Make sure the connection between ACDP and gearbox is normal

Wait a moment to connect system and read system info

Read out system info incl. VIN, special key, status index, etc

Initialized, Cleared TP, Personalized and Activated are YES.

mini acdp module 16 user manual 7

Note: Remember to make a screenshot of this result to compare with the info after refresh.

Then save the file

Choose a method to get the erase password:

-Automatic calculation erase password (recommend)

-Manually input erase password

mini acdp module 16 user manual 8

Pay attention to the prompts during the process as below:

1.The online password calculation is about to begin. During the password calculation process, it is forbidden to unplug or plug the device and please keep the device connected to internet.

2.Ready to erase data. Please don’t cut the power or pull out the device during the programming!

Then start to erase system data

Wait about 30s until it erase the system data successfully

Then it will generate the log automatically

Save the data successfully

When the refresh process is done, a green tick will appear as below.

mini acdp module 16 user manual 10

Select “Identify” to confirm the info after refresh

Make sure Mini ACDP has been connected with Benz gearbox

Read out the system info

Now Personalized and Activated are NO. Thats the main difference from the data before refresh.

mini acdp module 16 user manual 11

Save the data and finish identifying system information

mini acdp module 16 user manual 12

It’s all done!

mini acdp module 16 user manual 13

If you’re interested in Yanhua Mini ACDP module 16 for Mercedes- Benz gearbox clone and refresh, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.



Author: Yanhua MiniACDP