MPS6 Gearbox Computer Clone by Yanhua ACDP with Module 14

Yanhua MINI ACDP MPS6 Gearbox Computer Clone Tutorials, in this case we get Freelander MPS6 module for Test.

Yanhua ACDP MPS6 Gearbox Computer Clone Steps:

Step 1: Prepare ACDP, OCP+ICP Adapter, MPS6 Interface board and gearbox.

MPS6 interface board is in Yanhua ACDP Module 14 which for Volvo/Landrover/Ford/Chrysler/Dodge to do MPS6 Gearbox Clone.

mps6 6

Step 2: Connect the MPS6 infterface board correctly to the gearbox interface as show . (You can click help to check connection information)

MPS6 connection


Step 3: Short the CAN resistor on the OBP+ICP adapter to the “CAN-R Join”

MPS6 2 1

Step 4: Connect ACDP,OBP+ICP adapter, Yanhua MPS6 interface board and gearbox.

MPS6 3


Then Open Mini ACDP APP, Choose Jaguar/Landrover – gearbox clone – freelander – MPS6 – full backup data


please remember to save the module information and click continue to read the chip data and save chip data, please note that the file name contains the operation data and chip’s model.


After backup chip data, connect another MPS6 gearbox and prepare to write the original data.


Click full write data,check the module information and select chip data file which we save in previous step. Then following the instruction,click continue to write chip data.


Then Finished.

Video Guide:

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Author: Yanhua MiniACDP