Yanhua ACDP Do BMW 6HP EGS Refresh clone

Yanhua ACDP module 11 is confirmed working for BMW 6HP EGS refresh and clone(Support F chassis) without removing and welding. BMW 6HP EGS data refresh function: needs programming and coding before assembling the module back to the car after refreshing; BMW 6HP read/write data function: writing the data to the new module which read from the old one, […]

How to Solve Configure ACDP device WIFI failed

This is Yanhuaacdp.com tech support for Mini ACDP with the following error message when connected to the mobile:Configure ACDP device WIFI failed. Please retry ACDP tech support from Yanhuaacdp.com: You don’t select the right serial port for your ACDP bluetooth adapter. Please select a USB serial port Good to know: ACDP Bluetooth setup instruction Step 1. Bluetooth adapter connection […]

BMW 35160WT read/write mileage with ACDP Mini – SUCCESS

Tested successfully! Yanhua ACDP mini is confirm to work perfectly with BMW 35160WT – able to read and write odometer. You should have an 35160WT simulator The simulator is used for those 35160WT chips that cannot be erased. It also works for M35080/ M35080-3/ M35080-6/ M35080V6/ M35080VP/ D80DOWQ/ 160DOWQ/ 35160WT*/ 35128W for dashboard odometer correction. The […]

Yanhua Mini ACDP CAS1 – CAS4 data renew update

Yanhua Mini ACDP CAS1 – CAS4 data renew update on March 7,2019 CAS1 (0K50E) renew CAS2 (2k79x) renew CAS3  (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) renew CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) ICP renew. Attach several images for the update: CAS1 (0K50E) renew CAS2 (2k79x) renew CAS3  (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) renew CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) ICP renew. Capabilities: The EEPROM data of […]

Yanhua ACDP reads/writes FEM/BDC 95128/95256 Advantages

This is for those who are looking for the best way to program (read/write) FEM/BDC 95128/95256 chips. Good to know: “FEM/BDC program: traditional way vs new way” Traditionally, for FEM/BDC programming: You need remove chip 95128/95256 from FEM/BDC and desolder for data read and write. Desolder and solder the chip twice Disadvantage: It’s difficult, time consuming […]

How to Solve Yanhua Mini ACDP got “open serial port failed”

Offer two solutions to Yanhua Mini ACDP got error ” open serial port failed, please check whether serial port is occupied” when installing on PC. Here are two images showing the error: Solutions: Solution 1: Firstly, use your phone to connect Yanhua ACDP with the WIFI. (How to connect Yanhua ACDP with your phone?) Secondly, use your […]

Yanhua Mini ACDP reads/writes Porsche BCM data by ICP

Steps to read and write Porsche BCM data in a traditional way: You should cut down connection and disassemble two components Then have to put them back (desolder components) after data is read and written And make sure the re-connection is good Disadvantages: It’s difficult, time consuming and risky, because you need – desolder component […]