VW/Audi VL381(0AW)  Gearbox Clone by Yanhua ACDP with Module 13

Yanhua MINI ACDP VW/Audi VL381(0AW)  Gearbox Clone with ACDP Module 13 Tutorials: 

Connection Steps: ( You can click help document to check the connection diagrams)


Step 1.  Please prepare ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter, interface board and VAG.
Step 2. Connect the interface board correctly to the VAG interface as Shown.
Step3. Connect the CAN resistor.
Step4. Connect ACDP, OBP+ICP adapter,interface board and VAG.


After Connection, Click ACDP – VW – Gearbox Clone – Audi – VL381(0AW) – Full Backup


-Confirm that the ACDP device is connected to gearbox and Click OK. Confirm the gearbox model is VL38l, click continue. Read Chip data and save the file.



After backup the file, Connect the new VL38l(0AW) gearbox. Click full write- Confirm that the ACDP device is connected to new gearbox


-Confirm the gearbox model is also VL38l, choose the data file saved in the previous step



Then Write the data.

10 3

Data Written Successfully.

Video Guide:

Author: Yanhua MiniACDP