Yanhua Mini ACDP reads/writes Porsche BCM data by ICP

Steps to read and write Porsche BCM data in a traditional way: You should cut down connection and disassemble two components Then have to put them back (desolder components) after data is read and written And make sure the re-connection is good Disadvantages: It’s difficult, time consuming and risky, because you need – desolder component […]

How to Download ACDP data to PC from IOS/Android

Here is the guide of Download Yanhua ACDP data to PC from iPhone or Android Phone. Q: How to import ACDP data from Iphone to PC? 1、Install the iTunes from Apple’s official website. 2、Connect the iPhone by iTunes. 3、Click the following icon. 4、Click the following icon. 5、Click the following icon. 6、Click the following icon,then click “Save […]

How to Connect Yanhua Mini ACDP Device by Wifi/Bluetooth

How to Connect Yanhua Mini ACDP Device by Wifi/Bluetooth. Here is the guide of detail steps. Wifi/Blutooth Requirements: 1. Bluetooth Version Requirements: 4.0 or more 2. WIFI: 2.4G (5G is not supported temporarily) Detail Steps: 1.Open the Bluetooth and connect the WiFi; 2、Open the ACDP on your phone and cdivck setting as the following icon;Cdivck […]

How to install Mini ACDP APP on Iphone IOS/Android

Yanhua Mini ACDP Cell phone system configuration requirements: IOS System: 1、System Version: 9.0 or more 2、Cell phone Models: iphone6 or more 3、Running Memory RAM:> 2G 4、Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G Android System: 1、System Version: 5.0 or more 2、Running Memory RAM:> 2G 3、Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G   The Guide of Yanhua Mini ACDP Software Installation Download For […]

How to clean JLR KVM test points

1.When Mini ACDP reading JLR KVM module data by ICP,  the pins detection shows unreliable contact. As shown in the following picture: 2.Find the location of the bad contacted test points according to the help document in APP. 3.Remove the interface board and use the Conformal coating cleaning probes to clean up the test points. 4.When cleaning the test point, use the Conformal coating cleaning probes to align the test pointand rotate 1-2 turns.  Do not put force when cleaning test points in order to avoid damaging the test points. 5.Reconnect the interface board for pin detection and data reading.

How to Connect the Yanhua ACDP PC Version Via Bluetooth adapter

Here is the post to show you  Yanhua Mini ACDP  Connect the PC via Bluetooth adapter step by step. 1、 Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the PC USB port ( Make sure the driver is installed) and the PC is connected to WIFI. 2、Open ACDP software on the PC desktop. 3、Click on SETTING in the red […]

How to Connect ACDP Device with mobile Phone

Here is the detail Step to connect Yanhua ACDP PC version with mobile Phone: Firstly bind the ACDP device with the mobile phone, then connect with the PC version and bind the Yanhua ACDP. 1、Connect the ACDP device with a cell phone first, and confirm that the connection is normal (Picture 1). That is, the […]