How to Connect Yanhua Mini ACDP Device by Wifi/Bluetooth

How to Connect Yanhua Mini ACDP Device by Wifi/Bluetooth. Here is the guide of detail steps. Wifi/Blutooth Requirements: 1. Bluetooth Version Requirements: 4.0 or more 2. WIFI: 2.4G (5G is not supported temporarily) Detail Steps: 1.Open the Bluetooth and connect the WiFi; 2、Open the ACDP on your phone and cdivck setting as the following icon;Cdivck […]

How to Connect the Yanhua ACDP PC Version Via Bluetooth adapter

Here is the post to show you  Yanhua Mini ACDP  Connect the PC via Bluetooth adapter step by step. 1、 Plug the Bluetooth adapter into the PC USB port ( Make sure the driver is installed) and the PC is connected to WIFI. 2、Open ACDP software on the PC desktop. 3、Click on SETTING in the red […]

How to Connect ACDP Device with mobile Phone

Here is the detail Step to connect Yanhua ACDP PC version with mobile Phone: Firstly bind the ACDP device with the mobile phone, then connect with the PC version and bind the Yanhua ACDP. 1、Connect the ACDP device with a cell phone first, and confirm that the connection is normal (Picture 1). That is, the […]