How to install Mini ACDP APP on Iphone IOS/Android

Yanhua Mini ACDP Cell phone system configuration requirements:

IOS System:

1、System Version: 9.0 or more
2、Cell phone Models: iphone6 or more
3、Running Memory RAM:> 2G
4、Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G

Android System:

1、System Version: 5.0 or more
2、Running Memory RAM:> 2G
3、Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G


The Guide of Yanhua Mini ACDP Software Installation Download For Iphone IOS:

1.Please search “Mini ACDP” in the APP Store and download it.

2. Then Click Open.

The Guide of Mini ACDP Software Installation Download For Android Phone/Pad:

1.QR Code Recognition

2.Click the icon in the top right corner showed in the picture and open it in the corresponding browser.

3.Click to install


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Author: Yanhua MiniACDP