Yanhua ACDP BMW programming adds “clear EGS ISN” functions. this post shares the whole procedure on how to use Yanhua ACDP to clear EGS ISN.



Yanhua ACDP

OBP +ICP adapter (Included in the acdp package)

EGS interface board (one single piece & used to connect BMW 6HP/8HP gearbox)

EGS module.

Images’ name : EGS interface board (front and back)

Image name: all you need.


  1. Connect the 8HP of the EGS interface board to the EGS module interface.

  1. Short the CAN terminal resistor to the OBP + ICP adapter to the “CAN-R-Join” terminal.

  1. Connect the ACDP, OBP +ICP adapter, EGS interface board and EGS module.

  1. Connect ACDP with BMW OBDII port.

  1. Please connect ACDP to EGS interface according to the diagram.