Yanhua Mini ACDP reads/writes Porsche BCM data by ICP

Steps to read and write Porsche BCM data in a traditional way:

You should cut down connection and disassemble two components

Then have to put them back (desolder components) after data is read and written

And make sure the re-connection is good


It’s difficult, time consuming and risky, because you need

– desolder component manually (might lead to data lost)

– cut down connection and remove components (might damage the module)

With Yanhua ACDP mini, you can read and write Porsche BCM data by ICP

Done with Acdp


And Acdp porsche bcm module



Easy and time-saving:

Board with ports is used instead of desoldering

No need cut down cables, lift pins, remove components and desolder anything


Data is read and written with security, with pin smart detection


Author: Yanhua MiniACDP