Yanhua BMW FEM/BDC Module 2 Problem & Solution

Customer Problem: I bought mini acdp and module 2 bmw fem/bdc. I want to hook up my dash when I change the mileage. I see the connector for the dash but there is not lead? So how do I hook up the dash there in blue in the picture? As I want to bench test my item before put in the car will this item do all of this?

yanhua fem bdc module2 problem 1

Yanhuaacdp.com engineer replied:

The connector on the top of FEM/BDC Bench integrated interface board is dashboard interface.

yanhua fem bdc module2 problem 2

There is not dashboard lead in the mini acdp module 2. You can get the cable only purchase FEM/BDC Bench integrated board full package.

yanhua fem bdc module2 problem 3

Source: http://www.yanhuaacdp.com/wholesale/acdp-fem-bdc-bench-integrated-interface-board.html

The purpose to connect the dashboard line is to light up meter. If you only want to adjust mileage on your car, you don’t need to connect the dashboard by the wiring line, just set the miles in FEM/BDC to zero is OK.


Author: Yanhua MiniACDP