Yanhua Mini ACDP Problems & Solutions for Software Update, Authorization

This article is to share the solutions for problems from YANHUA Mini ACDP users. Include software update and authorization.

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Q: Can I register the acdp with English version in Chinese?

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A: For English version ACDP, you can use English and Chinese pages, free switching

For Chinese version ACDP, you can only use Chinese page.


Q: Which operating system is suitable for mini acdp? I can use it on my smart phone, but cannot use on Windows 8.

A: Windows 7& 10 can support, but windows 8 cannot.


Q: How to update mini acdp software exactly?

A: Online version of the ACDP is online automatic upgrade.

Clear APP cache, updated resources will be automatically downloaded from the server


Q: I want to update the latest mini acdp v1.0.45, but cannot start on my computer.

A: Download this runtime installation package. Save it to other disks instead of C disk.

Yanhua Mini ACDP Software and APP Download

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Q: Can I click the text prompt to upgrade mini acdp directly after opening authorization?

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A: Click update authorization in the upper right corner of the diagram you offered.


Q: Will Mini acdp lose authorization after upgrade? My licenses were gone after his upgrade.

A: No matter you change your phone or computer. You need to click on renewal authorization

Author: Yanhua MiniACDP