Yanhua Mini ACDP added a new BMW CAS4 Key: tested successfully

Tested! Yanhua ACDP Mini programming master is confirmed to program a new CAS4 key. Here shares all the details with you. Enjoy!

I spent 1059USD on mini acdp bmw full package, including 7 Authorizations (Module1/2/3/4/7/8/11). I got it since a week and i am very excited. Tried my CAS4 to read out any problems, mileage reset works too.
Now share my test, here you go.

The test:


OBD port: located in the driver side, on the left

Step 1: Remove and dismantle CAS4

First, remove CAS4 from the car (CAS is under the steering wheel)

Dismantling CAS Module

Step 2: Connect all adapters, CAS 4 with ACDP

Prepare the following parts:

ACDP host



20 pin cable

CAS4 Interface Board

Install the Copper pillar

Find the location hole D1-D4

Enlarged drawing

Install the interface board

Skills: Aim for D1-D4

Vertical press down the interface board

Lock the board with Copper pillar

Clamp the board with PCB lock

Connect the ICP+OBP adapter

BDM01 adapter

CAS4 Interface Board and ACDP Host

Then power on ACDP

Step 3: Read CAS4 EEPROM

Open “Mini ACDP” APP

Tap BMW> CAS4/ CAS4+

Note: Selection according to CPU model

Select ICP 9S12XEP100 (Mask 5M48H/1N35H)> IMMO

Loading resource…

Select Read CAS4 EEPROM

Detect the network environment…

Loading hardware programs…

According to the prompt and press OK

Detecting the pins, please wait…

Pins detection passes and press OK

Note: If the detection fails, please check and clean up the test points

Decrypting chip…

Decrypt succeeded, start reading data…

Please check the VIN code

Automatically upload and backup data

Confirm the CAS data storage path

So far, the CAS4 PCB has been processed!

Install the CAS4 back to the car

Step 4: Add a new key

Automatically enter the “Add Key” function

Connect BAV-key adapter and put in the bank key

Check the blank key ID and press OK

Select the corresponding CAS data

Download file data successfully

Check the VIN code and press OK

Choose any blank key number and press OK

Take out the blank key then click OK

Put in the working key then click OK

Reading ISN code…

Check ISN code and VIN code

Put in the blank key again then click OK

Key programming…

Key programming success!

Put the new key to learn on car according to prompt


Author: Yanhua MiniACDP