Yanhua ACDP Module Automatic Authorization Tutorials

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module Automatic Authorization Tutorials: the Yanhua Mini ACDP new module comes with an authorization code sticker on the outside. Please peel off the green protective film. If the authorization code is covered by residual gel, please remove it with an eraser. Make sure the QR code is clearly visible.

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Open the ACDP APP, Confirm the ACDP Device is successfully connected.

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Click on “Me” at the bottom right corner.  Click “Add” at the bottom left corner.

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Scan QR Code, Authorization card number will be filled in automatically. You can also manually enter the authorization card number.Check the authorization card number, make sure it is correct and click “Submit”.

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Authorization is successful, Click “OK”.

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The authorization information has been updated, click “OK”.


Video Guide:

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