Reviews on Yanhua ACDP BMW Key Programmer

Reviews on Yanhua ACDP BMW Key Programmer from the users.

1.Today I received Yanhua acdp BMW and do some testing.

Reset used key 868 mhz e series- successful reset

Cas4- reset mileage to 0 – successful

Cas4- read eeprom and flash BUT EVERY TIME DIFFERENT DATA. (When check with cas editor they still see VIN and KM) – unsecured

i will post read files someone can check if is ok

Frm3 xeq384 – can read and write d flash, and that is all. CAN NOT write eeprom

Update shortly

2.VIN WBAFW1105BC658232

2 key

looks fine to me

3.I got Yanhua mini acdp. Interesting tool. I can connect to CAS real easy. Reads ok.

So far

1) Read F10 N55 ISN OBD – OK

2) Make key Cas 2 by dump – OK

3) Made key CAS3+all keys lost – Not working first time, I am trying it again today just to be sure

4) Read FRM – OK

5) Renew random used key – No ok but resetting key I just made with the tool works 100%, interesting

6) Check key frequency – no ok, It shows key frequency when making key but there is a function for checking random key frequency. Can’t get that to work yet

Not tested CAS 4 or FEM yet though I think it may be strong in that considering it read F10 ISN via OBD

Supports do respond to queries. They are handling my issues in 3 and 5 above. More testing is coming. I like the fact that it receives free updates. That should mean issues will get resolved as we go along (not sure is CAS3 will be given that much attention). I love the idea of not soldering if only to save my poor vision

4.I have tested the tool

1)Seems easy to fix CAS bridge. Read two CAS3+ 0L15Y. OK.

2)Attempted to make key all keys lost by ISN but key does not work. Tried by 64 attempt method but that process has a flow. At no point does it ask to write dump back to CAS though it needs CAS installed back to car. All this on bench so ill play some more

3) Key frequency detection does not work for me. Follow up with support.

It’s a lovely tool if it could improve on its weaknesses. I use PC exclusively.

5.CAS3 board is easy to install

CAS4 board is a bit tricky both working good with mileage reset

Adding key on CAS3/3+ with working key works good, but you have to add on 4th place, when i try to use place 1-3 the app returns to place selection… (tested with some china keys)

FEM/BDC Mileage reset is also working good, for eep reading use a clamp instead of puncture socket, that comes with the device.

tested adding key on CAS4 but it was not working, dont know if it was ACDP problem or china key problem

RF Test is working good, tested some key (VW, audi, porsche) but tested without app only with RF test adapter

6.Nice to see someone with the tool!!

Read ISN OBD on F10 N55 engine. Perfect. Read ISN on MEVD172 open ECU perfect.

I’ll try another key, all keys lost with ISN.

I tried using the key BV to test frequency. Are you using the same or the black frequency adapter? Is that sold separately? Tried the key renew functionality? Mine does not work for third party keys, but works for a key made with the tool and for which eeprom dump available

7.Reading ISN from MSD85 works fine without opening ecu, but write isn you need tricore pass and opening ecu. But with no tool that reads password this function is useless, hope they add a function to get password over ACDP.

When I can’t write isn to dme, I will try to renew cas and write isn from dme in cas. Hope that will work successful, i will test these days and report.

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