BMW 2015-2020 Odometer Correction by Yanhua ACDP

Question: I want to adjust mileage on BMW 2015-2020. Which ACDP modules should I use with Mini ACDP? How to use?

Answer: You should use ACDP basic main unit+ ACDP module 1+ Module 2+ Module 4. The newest BMW chip is 35128WT and 35160WT, also need to buy YH 35XX Programmer + Simulator.


Guide to reset mileage for BMW CAS4 and FEM:


1.Connect ACDP with the BMW dashboard

2.Enter Mini ACDP APP

Select “BMW”-> Select the corresponding module

3.Backup the original data

4.Input the mileage to reset you desire

5.Change mileage successfully


Reference: How to Reset Mileage for BMW CAS4 and FEM by Yanhua ACDP


Guide to change mileage for BMW 35128WT/ 35160WT:


Step 1: Connect YH35XX programmer to PC

Step 2: Read and Write 35128WT EEPROM Data

Step 3: Change 35128WT mileage


Read YH35XX Programmer+ Simulator change mileage for 35128WT to learn more operation details.

Author: Yanhua MiniACDP